Ray Ban Men's

Ray ban men’s sunglasses come in four main shapes mainly pilot, square, round and rectangular shapes. Pilot shape green classic G-15 are standard sunglasses which have a gold metal frame and green classic G-15 lenses. Aviator flash lenses are yet another type of sunglasses which feature a variety of colors ranging from green mirror silver, brown mirror gold, crystal green mirror.  New wayfarer classic are the square shape type with a tortoise nylon frame and green classic G-15 lenses. The square original wayfarer bicolor has blue flash lenses with a tortoise acetate frame.

Among the round shape type of sunglasses is the folding green classic G-15 which can be folded and can easily be stored in the pocket. The frame material is metallic with a gold color and can absorb up to 85% of visible light and greatly curtails penetration of blue light. This feature gives this type of sunglasses perfect color contrast and therefore exceptionally better vision clarity. Under this category are the round lifeforce which are made from thermoplastic biomaterial which has been treated and forged at very high temperatures. They are light and strong with comfortable and flexible features and blue flash lenses.

Space age technology has been used to make these sunglasses and medical in-plants have been introduced to make them very hygienic. The frame material is that of lifeforce which is grey in color. There are a number of rectangular shapes of sunglasses available in this category among them being RB3542 chromance with polarized silver mirror lenses and gunmetal frame. The RB3543 chromance has polarized green mirror lenses with gunmetal frame whereas the RB4255 has same type of lens but the frame is grey injected.