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Some Sex Game Tips and Tricks That You Can Try Do you want to keep the fire burning in your relationship? Do you want to increase your sex life up a notch? It’s quite simple, you know. All you need to do is try out some sex games. Yes, you got that right. Sex games bring couples closer than they were before because they are fun and enjoyable and keeps both partners interested in doing more passionate acts of love. As a matter fact, there is more to sex games than just removing the boredom of a couple in the bedroom. They also have the power to break barriers between you and your partner. Furthermore, they have been shown to improve your sex life in more ways than one.
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The following are some sex games that you can do with your partner to spice things up.
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Sexy twister: Have you tried playing the traditional twister game? Yes, that kind of game where players are going to place their right leg on the yellow board and left hand on the green board? Well, now you get it; so, the same rules apply but both you and your partner should just get naked. Surely, this is an intense game. The sexy twister is considered the Kama Sutra of board games. To even bring some more heat in the game, you can distract your player by tickling, kissing, nuzzling, or licking them. 3-7 minutes in heaven: For this type of game, your closet plays a significant role. The game is played with the following rules. You close your closet door and while it is dark, wait for your partner. For this game, your senses are all the more heightened while it is dark and the confined space and your expectation sizzles things up a bit. Slowly kiss the collarbone, hand, and arm of your partner as they step inside the closet. Do not offer your lips for kissing right away, just wait a bit longer until they can no longer hold things off. Play the truth or dare game. In spite of being the traditional game, there are still surprises round the corner. Whether you choose the truth or a dare, you will be amazed at the revelations that you did not expect. If you partner chooses truth, then ask them of their sexual fantasies and make them a reality. If they choose dare, on the other hand, let them do a bit of stripteasing and lap dancing. Just bear in mind to not reveal anything from your past that will trigger their self-consciousness as well as being jealous. Play virtual adult games: Adult games are swarming the internet world. You can try this out with your partner if they give their consent. With adult games, you get to enjoy countless sex animations that are just fun to watch. The best thing about them is that you can make characters to star in your sexual scene and you and your partner are given full control over what both of you can do. This game gives you countless ideas on how to satisfy your partner not just in the virtual world but also in the real world.