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Benefits of Fitness Exercise

Fitness exercise helps in reducing the body weight. Doing regular exercise makes the production of testosterone hormone to go high. When the level of testosterone increases in the body thus results in the reduction in weight. Unlike when it goes down it results in the increase in body weight. Lack of fitness activities makes the body respond by reducing the testosterone level in the blood thus results in the increase in body weight. Therefore there is need to do regular exercise to increase production of testosterone in the body thus reducing weight.

It also reduces stress. During times of stress the body responds by producing a lot of stress hormone thus reducing production of stress. Unlike when someone is doing fitness exercises the body reacts by producing a lot of testosterone which reduces the production of stress hormone thus keeping one from a lot of stress. Fitness exercise also keeps your mind busy thus preventing you a lot of thought.

Another benefit is that it boosts the production of energy. Engaging in regular fitness exercises will make you body metabolic reaction to move faster thus making it able to burn a lot of calories within a short time. It also helps in the increased rate of blood flow thus resulting in faster transportation of energy throughout the body. In addition to that it also helps in the transportation of oxygen and nutrients to various body tissues making the cardiovascular system to work more effectively. Thus why people who do regular exercises are always healthy. Compared to this group of people who just eat and sit they have very little power as their metabolic reactions are prolonged.
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It also helps in boosting mood. Engaging in exercises stimulates the hormone that makes you happy. This enables it to change your mood from bad to good. Unlike individuals who don’t do exercises they are always thrilled due to the large production of happiness hormone.When you are exercising your mind is always engaged.
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Exercises also increase the flexibility and movement. As a result doing exercise your muscles are going to be flexible allowing you to move quickly. You will be able to reach out for things quickly without struggling. You will be able to escape minor injuries like falling down when you do fitness exercises. You will be able to control your body weight when you are flexible as falling may become hard too.

Fitness exercises also improve shape and position. Abnormal body weight as a result of lack of exercising will make you a poor form. Fitness exercises results in high production of testosterone thus reducing the body weight.