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Digital Advertising vs. Printed Advertising

Digital advertising is starting to take over printed media in this generation wherein technology is highly advanced and things can be automatically done. Digital advertising has been dominating the advertising and marketing industry due to the fact that the society is already very dependent on internet and computers. Is it a sign that printed advertising will be gone soon? As follows are the primary reasons why printed advertising isn’t going anywhere now and in the future.

Printed Advertising is not dependent on Internet

Internet connection is a significant factor in digital advertising. If internet connection and the website’s server is not reliable, the purpose of the digital ad will not be fully maximized. On the other hand, printed advertising can stand alone even without a stable internet connection and without any gadgets to serve its purpose. Even if internet and computers are considered essentials in this generation, there are stills some communities that are not yet fully developed in terms of hi-end technology. There are stills some countries wherein internet connection is not fully stable or cannot be afforded by all. You can assure that your printed ad can be seen by your target audience with print advertising.

Reaches out to People in Various Manners

In digital advertising, all you can see is an ad in the screen of the computer or mobile phone. There are so many ways to reach out and promote your subject with print ads. In our community even in this generation, there are printed materials that cannot be eliminated. Some of its examples are posters, business cards, newspapers, stationery, direct mails, professional publications, informative leaflets, and promo items. They can never replace these printed materials. These printed materials easily reach to so many people. As follows are each of the function and importance of the above mentioned printed materials.

Business Cards

The role of printed business cards in business organizations and entrepreneurs is highly significant. There is no other material that can greatly serve function of a business card. There is no other easier and more convenient way for others to get a contact of you than with business cards.

Professional Publications

For so many possible reasons, professional publication isn’t going anywhere. Professional publications still serve as the primary manner of informing the public about the latest news and trends in the country or in business industries. Big companies still issue printed publications to relay information about the current standing of their organization and other more data.

Brochures and Informative Leaflets

Because of the fact that brochures and informative leaflets are still the easiest to grab, read and remember, they are still widely used. Grocery and retail stores continuously give out brochures and promo leaflets to encourage more customers to buy and continue shopping with them. Giving out brochures especially featuring discounted items attracts the shoppers to shop more.