The Main Things Holding You Back from Hiring Top Talent

A company’s success relies on the people, which is why hiring the top talent a crucial factor for any business’ growth. With this comes the harder challenge of attracting the right people for the position.

With world events such as financial crisis’ in America and Brexit in the UK, companies are now having to update their methods to find the candidate as competition for skilled staff is being increasingly difficult. Whilst locating the ideal talent is one side of things, attracting the talent to join you over the competition is the other. For the millennials out there, studies have shown that they prefer job satisfaction over anything else but have companies got up to speed with this yet, overcoming their stubborn, more traditional ways.

You may have what job applicants seek, but unless you pay close attention to how you present your business during the recruitment process, you won’t attract the top talent you’re hoping for. Here are the main reasons you may be having trouble attracting as well as hiring the people you need.

Look Further Afield

Today’s marketplace is more diverse than ever, and even small to midsize companies do business with other companies and consumers across the world. In such a marketplace, international employees offer numerous benefits. When looking for employees, keep in mind that location is important to all potential prospects, but even more so to international candidates. Highlighting ways your city welcomes foreign-born talent can raise your company above the rest.

The other advantage of this is that you will get the skill you need. Maybe you’ve already been searching local or for homegrown talent but no one fits the bill. Consider hiring foreign talent means that you can secure the skill you need and it may be cheaper than hiring someone close by. By announcing that you’re looking for overseas talent, you immediately become more attractive to more people who will respond to your application. You need to make sure that you consult with immigration solicitors first to ensure you have the correct visas in place to legally have foreign workers in your setup. Whether it’s a sponsor visa or tier 2 visa, you can attract people through temporary means in the first instance. Then if you’re looking to grow your company around them, after certain periods as a company you can apply for British citizenship, which will allow you to secure long term talent.

Add Some Life to Your Job Description

Hiring can often be seen as an inconvenience to companies. A time sucker that is greeted with despair. As a result, companies get lazy and often use the same introduction or descriptions to promote each job opening they have. This is where you lose people. You need to capture them instantly so to stand apart, create descriptions that serve as an introduction and a teaser, generating interest while providing all the information a candidate needs to know about the job. In many cases, the job description is a candidate’s first impression of a company, and a stale one can instantly quash the company’s appeal.

Poor Interview Questions

As with the job description, you should never underestimate the power of interview questions. Obviously, an interview is supposed to help you determine whether the candidate is a good fit for your company and help the applicant decide whether your business is a good fit for him or her. To accomplish this, however, you need to ask interview questions that elicit more than just sparkling conversation. Push them out of their comfort zone and don’t ask generic questions. By asking questions with no right or wrong answer you’ll get a feeling of their logic and way of thinking. When people are on the back foot, you find out how they really are so it will be the best indicator of how they will be in a 9-5 setting.

We all know that a company’s success relies on recruiting and retaining the best employees. If you’re a startup reading this, take note, and don’t get lazy as you won’t get the candidates you need to thrive.