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Oakley Sunglasses are recognized world-wide as a top producer of high-fashion eyewear. They are a designer brand that has a distinctive look, and that is known for providing the ultimate in both performance and aesthetics. The brand can be clearly recognized by the ‘O’ printed or embossed on the arm of the glasses. The designs can vary from standard sunglasses for leisure wear to the more sophisticated wraparound style that is favored by skiers and other outdoor athletes.

Many celebrities and athletes have endorsed the Oakley brand, and Oakleys are compatible with a number of sports, providing frames that are comfortable and lenses that offer the perfect visibility for all types of sporting. This makes them perfect for athletes and the fashion conscious alike. These premium frames will last you many years if they are cared for correctly, and they offer the perfect balance between looks and functionality. Even the most modern ‘technical’ designs have a timeless appeal about them. Since they are made to flatter your face and your hairstyle, they will not quickly go out of fashion, unlike certain other 'designer' brands that date every few years.

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Oakley makes specific types of sunglasses for aviation, cycling, skiing, shooting, climbing and other sports, as well as ones to suit specific shapes of face. They have several signature frames, including the Shaun White designs and Tour De France designs. If Ray-Bans are the ultimate in classic sunglasses, then Oakleys could be considered the ultimate in sport and youthful designs. From high quality Pewter designs to polished black lightweight plastics, customisable frame designs and chunky skins, the brand has something to suit everyone.