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Tips in Choosing the Best Chef Apparel Being a professional chef means wearing the suitable chef apparel which are comfortable. If a chef want to set himself apart from the others, a great chef uniform set is a good start. The uniform is at the discretion of the kitchen management. Chefs working on famous resorts and restaurants can be seen with their well-chosen uniform every time they are in the kitchen. Great Chef Coat The must-have chef coat is a double-breasted coat. A lot of people can determine the chef in the kitchen through their chef coats. The popular colors for chef coats are white, gray and black. On the other hand, camp shirts and single-breasted coats are often worn by cooks. Tailored coat designs are among the great options for a lot of chefs. Shorter chef coats are mostly worn by executive chefs. For better coverage and more comfortable feeling, chef coats are longer than usual. Cover these features when shopping for chef coats:
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look for a good breathable cotton material to help you cope with the kitchen heat
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elegant and stylish secure buttons would be perfect for an ideal chef coat it should be convenient to keep and retrieve kitchen essentials from the pockets or accessory loops cuffs designed to allow folding back will keep the hands as well as the arms free for added ventilation, there must be mesh back panel or shoulder vent the chef coat must be fit but still has room for free movement Cook Pants Chef pants are best when they are comfortable to wear and move around. A lot of chefs go for the houndstooth chef pants. You can also choose gray or onyx pants. Simplicity and functionality is more appropriate attributes for chef pants. Your chef pants must have these: less visible stains with dark colored pants easy to wear and remove stain waist movement should not be limited multiple pockets available Aprons for Chef Aprons is the ideal protection for your chef coats. The most popular choice are bib aprons. It must be capable of warding off all kinds of stains. Check these areas with choosing aprons: for great stain protection in the kitchen, wear vinyl aprons if the weight does not make you uncomfortable if you need a lighter apron, you can sacrifice a little of protection quality using nylon aprons look for adjustable straps for your apron Hats for Chef Every chef must have an attractive chef hat. Only chefs have the best hat in the kitchen. It is also perfect to keep hair from falling into the food. There are a wide variety of chef hats including these: the classical puffy hat better hair containment with skull cap you have the casual crown ball cap show your passion for cooking with a beret If you purchase a set for chef apparel, you can get great discounts. You get to buy more uniform sets if you spend less for each set.