Learning The “Secrets” of Weddings

Some Tips on How to Minimize Your Expenses When Getting Married

It is no secret that wedding preparations will get you into many expenses. It is undeniable that people view weddings as one, if not the most, important occasions in the life of a couple, and because of this, couples would go into spending spree to make the event as memorable as possible. Sometimes, couples would splurge on their dress, suit, cakes, venues, photographers and so on, and find themselves lacking money for the next important event which is their honeymoon. It is a great idea therefore to set your wedding budget based on how much money you have. By budgeting, you can decide on what choices you will make and what are really important on your wedding day. There are different ways that will help you reduce your costs without sacrificing the personal and special touch of your wedding.

One of the things that play a huge part in a wedding are the flowers, because the bride carries them, they are used to decorate during the reception, and used to decorate during the ceremony of course. However, you can still cut the costs in spending for flowers. One suggestion is to buy fake flowers but choosing the kind and color based on your color motif. Another way is to pick wild flowers, especially if your motif is the boho style, and you will still get the charm and mystery of your motif. You will be amazed at how pretty these wild fresh flowers as a bouquet of the bride, adding charm in your reception area, and their peaceful beauty that they add to the venue where you will say your vows.

Another big costs in weddings are the invitations. Generally the costs would cover the paper, the printing of the invitation and the sending of these invites to your friends and relatives. You could have spend zero on invitations if you can just message it or email it, but this sounds too drastic and sad, so your alternative would be to be creative in your invitation. We love handmade invites as souveniers. Making your wedding invitation could be fun and you can express your creativity like putting both of your pictures, accentuate it with unique local materials, etc. c

Another aspect of your wedding that can add to the costs is the wedding cake. The traditional tiered wedding cake is expensive and you can lower your expense by creating another style. Another way to lower the cost of your dessert is to make a dessert bar, and have friends create their own mix from the different slices, cuts and cups of cakes.

The objective of a couple when planning for their wedding should be to make it the least stressful for them both, not wasteful in their choices of expenses, and not that expensive.

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