Herve Senni Launches New Music Licensing Website for Marketing Purposes


(Andre, Chassefi) Music Licensing for marketing purposes just got easier thanks to the launch of Herve Senni’s new website MusicLicensingDeal.com. Designed with the end user in mind, this site provides a stock music library similar to the hundreds of different stock photo libraries available today. A huge selection of original, copyright released scores and pieces await anyone who visits the site. Unlike other stock audio files, the music found and purchased on this new website isn’t overplayed and provides customers with the uniqueness offered by purchasing the exclusive rights.

According to owner and composer, Herve Senni, “MusicLicensingDeal is a website that was created to distribute audio content to businesses and individuals who didn’t want to have to worry about infringing on various copyright laws. With the multi-media options available here, you can create an amazing marketing campaign that blows the competition out of the water. What’s even better is the fact that we update our portfolio on a regular basis and expand it with even more offerings day after day. This provides us with the unique ability to fulfill the demands of any type of marketing project from modern music to old school selections.”

Visiting the website is a surprise for some. It isn’t full of bells and whistles or countless advertisements trying to “upsell” visitors. This is a true Music Licensing site with the sole purpose of providing options for those seeking musical solutions for their marketing efforts. The site is designed with self-explanatory navigation and prices that are posted and clear. Once a selection is made, the purchaser doesn’t have to worry about being sued by the artist. Herve Senni composes and creates it all, releasing the copyright to buyers upon payment.

“There are still many people who don’t realize just how important original music is for marketing campaigns,” Senni continued. “It can be quite difficult to find what you need, my goal is to make it a bit easier by providing straightforward music licensing for film and other purposes. I keep my prices fair and competitive and look forward to working with customers who have diverse musical needs.”

In addition to being able to browse the selection of musical pieces available, the website also provides an email subscription option. Signing up for this means customers receive updates when new options are posted. Music licensing is made simple with the help of the MusicLicensingDeal website.


MusicLicensingDeal is owned and operated by Herve Senni. An accomplished composer, bassist, guitarist, arranger and music producer, Senni provides music licensing service for all purposes and needs. In addition to the licensing service, he runs a professional recording studio where all the selections on the website are recorded. Customers can have custom selections created by using the contact form.

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