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Twitch – Play Games And Make Money

There are many people who have discovered that they can actually make money using the internet and enjoy working at the comfort of their home. As a matter of fact, there’s a vast array of opportunities over the web to generate income and depending on what you are interested to do is going to determine what you’ll be able to accomplish in terms of the possible income you can earn.

The first step to succeed is by determining what your strengths are and try to find opportunities that meet it. As a quick example of this, if you are into making videos, it will be smart to consider creating YouTube channel and post videos on topics of your interests.

On the other hand, you might want to consider creating a Twitch account and start streaming the games you play if you have a knack on playing video games. As you play and start to develop good followers, it’s possible to make a decent income straight from sponsor income and donations. And if you have chosen this route, then make it a point that you’ve got a fast and reliable internet connection along with fast upload rates. Okay, so you have finally set up your Twitch account and channel, now you are ready to start broadcasting your very first game play on Twitch TV, it is a great idea that you decide on what tone is better to use to help create your own identity on Twitch.

To be able to establish your tone, there are some questions that can guide you throughout the process such as would you like your channel to be serious or funny, what type of audience you wish to attract, will you be the funniest gamer or the best gamer, are you about competing with other gamers, making the viewers laugh or helping other gamers? Videos themselves aren’t just the only way on reaching your viewers as Twitch is also offering a chat feature. Here, your viewers will be able to have the chance of hitting you up and ask questions they find interesting about you such as your game play, other online games you play where they can follow you and several other questions for them to know you a lot more. If you want to retain and grow your following, make it a point that you respond to your viewers in a helpful and friendly way.

It will be highly recommended to make use of the Twitch app and grow your following if you wish to make money as you play online games. Needless to say, you can bag more money by playing by having higher followers.

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