Felix Sater’s Case is dismissed on Legal Grounds of Insufficient Information.

For a number of times, President Donald Trump has been asked if he knows Felix Sater, and the answer has always been somewhat vague coupled with sentiments pointing to an angle that shows the duo has a past connection. Dating back three years ago, when Trump was asked about this man, he reiterated with a point of concern regarding the media’s interest in his connection with Sater. Of course, Sater worked with the Donald Trump Organization for some time. In fact, his involvement with this organization marked the peak of his career. Coupled with many years of long-records and a larger than life attitude, he almost turned out like a spy agent from one of John le Carre’s novel.

Who is Felix Sater?

Felix Sater is a Russian born American entrepreneur, real estate developer, business advisor and the former executive director of Bayrock Group LLC. Over the years, Sater served as Bayrock’s chief of staff and was in charge of streamlining the management. Other duties he was in charge of included working with the employees to arrive at the firm’s objectives in supplying clients with their respective demands in real estate. Apart from that, Sater was Trump’s senior advisor in 2006. In fact, alongside Tevfik Arif, he played a pivotal role in the construction of the company following the completion of the Trump SoHo Project in 2010. Because the project was a partnership with the Trump Organization, and Felix Sater oversaw the facilitation the deal.

The Lawsuit

Following his close ties with Donald Trump, Sater facilitated significant partnerships with the Trump Organization. Of course, there was an additional bridge of murky waters linked to European funding. Moreover, many real estate projects were under Trump’s name. In exchange, he received some fees. For instance, in multiple interviews, it was deduced that there is the case of Icelandic Banks that laundered money for the same projects. Similarly, according to legal investigators and legislators, Trump testified against several Russian project handlers.

Sater’s Involvement

In one of the lawsuits, Felix Sater is portrayed as the man behind the ties with Russia. It was noted that before joining the Trump Organization, he served as a mob informant for the United States of America. It was shocking to note that he fled to Moscow with the aim of evading criminal charges. Now that the legal system uncovered everything, it was perhaps time for him to pay for his mistakes especially in relation to Bayrock’s involvement.

The Case

Disintegrating Sater’s case is a checkered past that leads into a series of crimes, shady deals, alongside legal entanglements that tie him to the American government. Over and above, he was accused, and after appearing in a court of law, his case was dismissed following the lack of sufficient evidence to incriminate him against any of his said ‘victims.’

The Turn of Events

Sater’s tax fraud case was his recent predicament. According to the legal system, he was accused by the state. First filed by Fred Oberlander, a former representative of Sater’s business partner Jody Kriss, who was also charged with money laundering, the case has now been tossed off the legal radar. The whistleblower acknowledged that he went ahead to file the lawsuit because of some sensitive information filed by the federal judges who worked on Kriss’ earlier complaint.

The Overview

According to the attorney, Oberlander’s argument did not suit his case. For that reason, it was only natural for the judges to dismiss the case as the only information he presented was somewhat archaic and baseless in the case. Robert Wolf, Sater’s attorney, later confirmed that the lawsuit had officially been dismissed.