The Ten Most Important Rules Every Day Trader Needs To Know Before Jumping Into the Deep End

No one should jump right into the bullpen without knowing what they are up against first. There is no such thing as luck. There is no such thing as “a sure thing.” Day traders need to know the ins and outs before they attempt to make a successful trade.

Day traders need to pay attention to the following ten tips if they want to abide by the rules and make more money than they lose.

1) You should start by testing the waters. Create a dummy account. Traders should not move onto a real account until they are sure they know how the game is played. Most online markets allow day traders to create a dummy account. You may feel as though you are missing out, but the practice does help. WigMarkets

2) You should resist the urge to trade in the first half hour. It is going to be tempting. You will see things that you might want to move on. However, the market is very unpredictable in the first 30 minutes. Play it cool. Everything can change in the blink of an eye.

3) Some day traders like to trade on the margin. That is a newbie mistake. You should only be using the existing cash you have to trade. The only downside is that you need to wait until the cash settles before moving onto the next trade. However, it will keep you from falling into some bad habits.

4) You need to know your limits. There are legal limits you need to abide by. You can only trade up to 4 times in a 5-day period. Did you know that? Traders who do not abide by this rule do lose money. You will need to deposit at least $25,000 into your account to cover the losses. It is not worth it.

5) You are going to be getting a lot of tips. Pay close attention to who gives you the tips. A lot of your tips come from unverified sources. They want you to take the bait. They want you to lose money. Sometimes it can be challenging to identify a verified source, but you need to do it.

6) You should be keeping a diary of your actions. Not every trader does that. Sometimes the most skilled of day traders forget to keep a diary. You do need to be disciplined. The upside is that you can keep track of your history. You know what works and what does not.

7) Day traders do not win every time. You are going to lose. You need to expect that. That lesson teaches you patience with the market. Sometimes you need to give others a chance to make a buck.

8) The future can be hard to predict. Everything can change in the blink of an eye. However, you should have some kind of plan moving forward. A plan keeps you inside the lines. It teaches you patience and self-control.

9) Markets are going to tempt you. It is in your best interest to pick a market and focus on that. Become an expert in your field of choice. That will help you make better choices down the road. It also helps you to block out the noise.

10) Day traders need to learn how to master different tasks and different resources. It takes a lot of time and energy, but the good things do. You need to become a “jack of all trades and a master of none”, so to speak.…

Felix Sater’s Case is dismissed on Legal Grounds of Insufficient Information.

For a number of times, President Donald Trump has been asked if he knows Felix Sater, and the answer has always been somewhat vague coupled with sentiments pointing to an angle that shows the duo has a past connection. Dating back three years ago, when Trump was asked about this man, he reiterated with a point of concern regarding the media’s interest in his connection with Sater. Of course, Sater worked with the Donald Trump Organization for some time. In fact, his involvement with this organization marked the peak of his career. Coupled with many years of long-records and a larger than life attitude, he almost turned out like a spy agent from one of John le Carre’s novel.

Who is Felix Sater?

Felix Sater is a Russian born American entrepreneur, real estate developer, business advisor and the former executive director of Bayrock Group LLC. Over the years, Sater served as Bayrock’s chief of staff and was in charge of streamlining the management. Other duties he was in charge of included working with the employees to arrive at the firm’s objectives in supplying clients with their respective demands in real estate. Apart from that, Sater was Trump’s senior advisor in 2006. In fact, alongside Tevfik Arif, he played a pivotal role in the construction of the company following the completion of the Trump SoHo Project in 2010. Because the project was a partnership with the Trump Organization, and Felix Sater oversaw the facilitation the deal.

The Lawsuit

Following his close ties with Donald Trump, Sater facilitated significant partnerships with the Trump Organization. Of course, there was an additional bridge of murky waters linked to European funding. Moreover, many real estate projects were under Trump’s name. In exchange, he received some fees. For instance, in multiple interviews, it was deduced that there is the case of Icelandic Banks that laundered money for the same projects. Similarly, according to legal investigators and legislators, Trump testified against several Russian project handlers.

Sater’s Involvement

In one of the lawsuits, Felix Sater is portrayed as the man behind the ties with Russia. It was noted that before joining the Trump Organization, he served as a mob informant for the United States of America. It was shocking to note that he fled to Moscow with the aim of evading criminal charges. Now that the legal system uncovered everything, it was perhaps time for him to pay for his mistakes especially in relation to Bayrock’s involvement.

The Case

Disintegrating Sater’s case is a checkered past that leads into a series of crimes, shady deals, alongside legal entanglements that tie him to the American government. Over and above, he was accused, and after appearing in a court of law, his case was dismissed following the lack of sufficient evidence to incriminate him against any of his said ‘victims.’

The Turn of Events

Sater’s tax fraud case was his recent predicament. According to the legal system, he was accused by the state. First filed by Fred Oberlander, a former representative of Sater’s business partner Jody Kriss, who was also charged with money laundering, the case has now been tossed off the legal radar. The whistleblower acknowledged that he went ahead to file the lawsuit because of some sensitive information filed by the federal judges who worked on Kriss’ earlier complaint.

The Overview

According to the attorney, Oberlander’s argument did not suit his case. For that reason, it was only natural for the judges to dismiss the case as the only information he presented was somewhat archaic and baseless in the case. Robert Wolf, Sater’s attorney, later confirmed that the lawsuit had officially been dismissed.…

Forex trading


For the last 20 years now, people have the option to trade stocks online. Before that time, people had to rely on a stockbroker to buy and sell stocks for them. While trading stocks online can make one a fortune, it also can make one lose money. Therefore, it’s vital to become familiar with the tools of the trade, and the following includes instructions on how to become successful with trading online:

  1. Learning the basics– supply and demand is imperative to stocks like any other business. As the popularity of the stock increases, the bidding price increases as well. The trader of those stocks wants this. Also, there are many factors that affect stock prices in which only some investors can predict.fxtrade 777
  1. Researching to appropriately choose stock– there are two main ways to choose stock. One way is through fundamental analysis which includes analyzing the health of the company through various public statements and financial reports, such as income statements and balance sheets. These types of reports can be retrieved easily online. The other way is through technical analysis which is through analyzing the company, the competition, and the company’s leadership. Upon examining records, the trader can assign values to the companies appropriately.
  1. Carefully choosing the appropriate stock trading services– the trader must review the trading services’ investment choices, services, pricing, research and education resources, and security practices. Going by instincts or by a family member/friend’s tip isn’t enough anymore. Also, trustworthy reviews, such as the sister site of Business News Daily called Top Ten Reviews provides overviews of many trading services. Another great source for the beginning trader is to find a company that offers personal investment advice. And as the trader’s skills develop, he/she may want to choose a brokerage firm that engages in advanced trading. TD Ameritrade, Scottrade, Fidelity, ShareBuilder, and E-Trade are normally good choices. For do-it-yourself traders, discount online broker companies may be better. These services allow traders to buy and sell options, stocks, exchange-traded funds, mutual funds, bonds, fixed income funds, and more.
  1. Practice trading-after obtaining much education through reading various financial sites, reading the news, listening to podcasts, etc., it’s time to put things into action. One can practice with no risk by using an online stock simulator, such as those with MarketWatch, Investopedia, and Wall Street Survivor. The trader can also practice with the penny stocks market.

Other Tips for the Novice Trader

Even though trading can be daunting to the novice trader, significant returns will be the result when building on a solid foundation. Thus, the trader could make smart investment decisions by not investing money that’s over his/her budget, by using diversification in investing, by developing a plan, and by not trading if he/she doesn’t have the time to research. While preparing and implementing accordingly, the trader must stick with the plan. He/she must also not fear, and the trader must not buy


The trader must realize that it’s best not to rush when it comes to stock trading, Reading various online articles and such don’t make the trader ready to trade. He/she should set aside six months to practice trading before using real money. There are ways to practice trading with real-life data and without using real money. The trader can participate on YouTube and even through a finance class on trading. And he/she can read viable books on trading.…

Fraud in New York

New York politics has taken a sharp turn after the dismissal of a 250 million dollars civil tax fraud case in court. This crucial case was against Trumps former associate of Russian descent. It was on Wednesday when the court decided the qui tam case didn’t hold. The court allowed a whistleblowers insight into the case on the state’s behalf. It would then leave the attorney generals offices the option to intervene in the case or not.

The accused was Felix Sater, a Russian American businessman. Apart from being a co-founder in Bayrock real estate, Sater was also Donald Trump’s associate in earlier years. In the prosecution, Fred Oberlander was the whistleblower. Oberlander had a history with Jody Kriss, a former partner whereby he represented him in a lawsuit against sater’s company for money laundering. In the said case, however, the court ordered the withdrawal of certain data as it was confidential and deemed it classified. With his whole argument based on classified and revoked data, Oberlander had to yield as the court ruled against him. According to Sater however, dismissal of the case wasn’t due to the procedural grounds but rather the merits. He insisted that the prosecuting lawyers frequently involved themselves in misconduct and had twice had to face DOJ due to criminal contempt.

The attorney general’s office was inclined to stay off the case following a misleading press release from Oberlander in 2016. In the press release, Oberlander claimed Eric Schneiderman; the Attorney General was taking up the case. Schneiderman went on to notify New York Supreme Court of this foul play, pointing out the state was not intervening in the case. In addition to this, the office of the attorney general stated it would closely follow suit in order to safeguard the states’ rights and interests.

Jody Kriss was also the former finance director in Tevfik Arif Bayrock. In 2010, Kriss filed a lawsuit against the firm based on their business conduct. He insisted that the company was marred with illegalities such as wire, mail and bank fraud, money laundering, tax evasion, embezzlement, extortion and so on. He believed the firm to be mob-owned and thus the pattern of related crimes. Kriss was also bitter about an alleged loss of millions to some of its co-founders. He claimed he had lost millions to racketeering, fraud and other financial misconducts from some of the co-founders. His case was moved forward as a racketeering case after a New York judge’s ruling in December 2016

Jody Kriss’ case stated that Slater and Tevfik Arif, one of the co-founders, negotiated with Trump’s firm to market their products back in 2003. Trump, however, was in the wind about their said criminal past. This was in a deposition in 2017, Trump denied having any knowledge of Sater’s past during the agreements to partner with his company in developing Trump SOHO. Moreover, he claimed he couldn’t put a face to the name had they been in the same room as Sater. The informant, however, called for great discretion on his identity in fear of slater and the possible ramifications. Sater, on the other hand, emphasized that he had regular meetings with Trump, while Kriss claimed that Trump appreciated the loyalty and Russian connections from Sater. In response to this, Donald Trump called Russia one of the hottest places for investment, and that it made no sense to invest in the haven.

The prosecution plans to appeal They are also very hopeful that the classified data will come out and shed more light on the case and hopefully the prosecution side will carry the day/…

Travel Business Tips

Travel or adventure has become a lifestyle for the prime person. With the support of growing social media, activities express themselves by taking pictures in places that are becoming a frequent event. Seeing this phenomenon, of course, he travels business also has a bright opportunity to run.


Online travel business itself is very easy and cheap to run. Because with the online system you only need some electronic equipment that is computer and internet network and printer. However, it does not mean you are also easy to achieve success in running it. Then the way to be successful in the online travel business, Here are some tips on success in running an online travel business.

Hardware and Software

The first tips to be successful in this online travel business is the equipment. One component or equipment that is very important to note in this business is the hardware and software components. Hardware is meant here is a computer that has been connected to the internet and some supporters. While the software itself is a program and operating system that can run ticket reservations via online.

Love the World Travel

love and pleasure in a field, then the perpetrators of this will be eager to run the business with all my heart and as much as possible. Because this is a business based traveling, then the entrepreneurs who will run it must love the world of travel.

Branded Interesting

Every business does need a name or a brand to attract consumers. In addition, to attract consumers, this business brand will also be useful for consumers to facilitate them find your business address or website. So when you want to open this online travel business, make sure you have a brand or a good business name.

An interesting offer

Price will always be a reference for consumers. Hopefully, this business has a lot of running. So from here the competition will be created and become fierce. You as an online travel business must have a special strategy to review this. One way to win this competition is an attractive offer price. You can provide a promo price at a certain moment or discount with a special term and conditions.

Extend Networks and Relationships

because the culprit cannot remain silent. You as an entrepreneur are required to network and possible relationships. The bigger and broaden your business network the higher your chances to achieve business success. Why is that? Because we as a businessman will not be able to stand alone for success. In addition to needing workers or employees, these business people also need to work to support each other and grow the business

Choose a Strategic Location and Attractive

Some online travel business has also opened a place to be visited by consumers. Even the number of businesses that have this offline place is overwhelming. With a place that can be visited directly, this will indeed make you successful. Why is that? Because by also moving in the offline field, online business will certainly further increase your chances.

Strengthen Promotion

To be able to attract many consumers, you really want to want a promotion or a good marketing strategy. You can run promotions offline and online. Offline you can run this campaign by spreading brochures, advertising in mass media or making pamphlets. But because now the online world also has a very large market, then with online techniques, you can also run this campaign effectively.

Serve Consumers as Good as Possible

how to make this online travel business successful by serving consumers with the best possible. Yes, the service has always been the focus of attention of any consumer form of business. So if you really want your business. What you want from the public, you want will want. In this online travel business, you can provide good customer service. Do not make consumers wait too long when they want answers to questions or questions that are delivered.…

Finding Similarities Between SEO and Life

Internet Marketing: Good for Your Business

The economy is certainly harsh on many businesses but taking marketing matters seriously offers a way out of the rut. Many are the ways to market your company but in real sense, not many deliver a good result. Internet marketing however gives your business an added advantage and no wonder it is being embrace all over the world. Discussed in this article are insights why online marketing is of great importance.

A good number of people use billboards to market their products and services. The truth is that this is a marketing method that has now been passed by the hands of time because internet marketing offers a better deal. Online marketing means more profits for the reason that it costs less in comparison to billboards. There are a number of internet marketing firms that are willing to offer these service at a price that does not drive you into fiscal oblivion.

Billboards are additionally not the best because they offer you limited coverage as they will only reach people within the given area. On the flip side, online marketing can help you spread word in different corners of the globe ensuring the message reaches many people. Enjoying such a wide coverage means that both the people in your country as well as those in other nations get to learn about your services or goods.

Apart from making international clients, online marketing ensures that your business operates on a round the clock basis. Operating within fixed operating hours will be a thing of the past if you embraced the concept of internet marketing. Your clients will at the touch of a button be able to purchase what they like with no need of traveling long distances. This is something very convenient for your clients and they will thus be loyal to your business.

Internet marketing might sound a convoluted matter but this is not the case. There are several online marketing companies like the Hoth willing to help out in this regard. Online marketing firms can assist with matters to do with SEO able to give your business a strong presence online. If a business journal is what you have in mind, they can also help so that your clients will have an easy time learning more about your business.

Internet marketing saves you the hassle of buying display stock as is the case with a physical shop. It is on this note that a physical shop is coupled with maintenance and rent expenditures. Compensating workers for overtime is an additional issue that employees are forced to deal with. Such expenses reduce your profits and this what we don’t want. The good thing is that internet marketing ensures that such expenses will no longer be something to worry about. …

Practical and Helpful Tips: Attorneys

An Understanding of Personal Injury Law And Other Details Related To Hiring Lawyers. Personal safety is something which everyone must put first in their lives. However, many have sustained injuries because of the reckless or careless behavior of others. You have every right to prosecute the guilty party when this happens. It is advisable that you get a personal injury lawyer to take on your case. There are various claims that you can file from medical malpractice, slip and fall injuries, car accidents, as well as, work related injuries. You can also sue companies that supply the market with defective products which may cause injuries to the public. This enables various victims to get financial compensation for their injuries depending on the severity of the injuries. Therefore you will need a good lawyer to represent you. A good lawyer must meet the following requirements. Firstly, he or she must have knowledge on the various aspects of personal injury law. Every state has different laws, therefore you lawyer should be very knowledgeable about the laws in your area. you should also hire a lawyer who comes from this area. There are lawyers who practice general law, although they may not be very competent. Injury is very delicate and you have to choose lawyers who have specialized in it. That way, you can be sure of winning your case. The lawyer should also be able to build and present a compelling case. That is only possible if he has a competent team helping him. It will take a lot of time and energy to collect evidence. Hence, a lawyer will need all the help they can get to find credible witnesses, to interrogate the witness and record statements. Such like information is important and should be presented in court. Also, good lawyers know various medical experts with a good reputation that can help you with your case. The medical expert will examine the severity of the injuries sustained and present credible results. With such lawyers, one can be sure of getting compensated with a short period.
A Simple Plan For Investigating Professionals
You should also look for a good lawyer in the right places. The internet is a very good tool that one can use since there are very many attorneys who work online. You should also look for recommendations from friends, family and colleagues who may have hired lawyers in the past. However, you need to assess the credibility of several lawyers before hiring any of them. Make sure that the lawyer has the right qualifications. Also ensure that your preferred lawyer is licensed by the state. The lawyer must also have enough experience to handle your case. Experienced lawyers have handled many cases and won. So, you can be confident that they will do the same for you.Interesting Research on Lawyers – Things You Probably Never Knew